Best Recruitment Consultants in Dubai

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai couldn’t be better positioned as a globally-recognized centre of business in the east. It offers businesses excellent links between Africa and Europe and further afield. As companies in the city continue to flourish and grow, there is a growing demand for the services of the best recruitment consultants in Dubai.

At BAC Middle East, we firmly believe we have the best recruitment consultants in Dubai. We have watched the city continue to experience growth after growth, every year. After all, we are the most firmly-established and oldest recruitment agency in Dubai. Our headquarters are based within the Dubai International Financial Centre. We like this location because it is deep in the beating heart of all the action. This has given us the chance, as an agency, over the years to gain greater understanding and appreciation for the ins and outs of the recruitment sector. This has given us an up close and personal view of the impact finding the best employees can have on the success of a business, whether it’s a fully-established one or a completely new one.

From our humble beginnings in 1979 through to where we are as an agency today, we are proud of our efforts to be a leading force when it comes to formulating effective and cutting-edge methods in recruitment. We are especially proud of the fact that we were the first agency to receive ISO9001 certification in Dubai. We also use industry-recognised, award winning recruitment software to offer second-to-none services to our clients.

No recruitment agency will ever be a success without an established database of candidates and for more than 40 years we have been operating in the industry, we have managed to amass a database of candidates totally in excess of 400,000 professionals from all levels and industries. So, whether you have a business that is just starting out or that’s been around for several years, BAC Middle East can help you to make the right connections. Connections with motivated, driven and most important of all, experienced and local employees to help your organisation expand and succeed.

Advantages of Investing in BAC Middle East Recruitment and Our Services

There is more to BAC Middle East than just being the oldest and most widely-known recruitment agency that makes us the most popular choice for businesses in Dubai. It’s the quality assurance we offer with our services, the best recruitment consultants in Dubai that work for us and our industry-leading tools. All of these in combination with that extensive experience make us the best in the business.

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