Headhunters in the GCC

BAC Middle East was established in 1979 and since then has steadily grown over nearly 40 years to become one of the leading headhunters in the GCC in the region. We know what the businesses in the countries we serve need and want when it comes to recruitment and our headhunters in the GCC will always provide the very best in candidates for those organisations looking to enhance their employee-base.

Our headhunters in the GCC have a reputation for going above and beyond what is expected. We offer a bespoke service to a company that takes into account the sector and location. We provide a very personal service that is tailored to meet their specific needs. Therefore, whether you are looking for senior, middle or junior level professionals that will bring a fresh new energy, experience and skill set to your company, BAC and our highly efficient team of headhunters in the GCC are exactly what you need.

Are we different from the rest? We would have to answer wholeheartedly, yes, we are different. We have one of the biggest candidate pools with access to more than 500,000 candidates. There is an extensive array of evidence that backs our claims as being the best recruiters in the GCC.

We have only the finest recruitment specialists working with us, following our firmly established agency values.

As well as everything mentioned above, the reasons we are one of the best headhunters in the GCC include:

  • The fact that we provide services that are designed to meet your specific goals as a company
  • We pick out the best candidates for your available positions using our many decades experience in the industry and knowledge of the region
  • We have streamlined the process of recruiting candidates to help save you time and money, without their being a loss in quality
  • We only pair up the right businesses to the right candidates

To start expanding your business, you need to get in contact with us. Our team of skilled, personable and professional recruitment consultants will be happy to discuss your unique needs.

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