Management Recruitment in Dubai

BAC Middle East has been serving the GCC from its Dubai base since 1979. In that time, it has become one of the most widely recognised and prominent agencies specialising in management recruitment in this part of the world. In our time in business we have grown to have a deep and extensive knowledge of the recruitment sector and we have a reputation for providing only the finest services and candidates.

We always seek to do more than just meet the expectations of our clients, but always look to go the extra mile to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  We always work closely with businesses that use our services to offer an adaptable, personalised service to businesses that is all about finding the right candidates for their vacancies.

Whether you and your company are looking for senior, middle or even just junior level professionals, we can help you out. The individuals on our books have the energy, experience and skills to give your business a breath of fresh air.

Not only do we work tirelessly to provide a service you would not receive elsewhere but we can only do this because of our experience in various industries. The fact that our pool of candidates now exceeds 500,000 is a real indication why you should trust us for your people supplying needs.

Along with our actual agent’s skills we have developed a sturdy infrastructure, train our recruitment experts to the highest level and use leading recruitment software. All this enables us to stay focused on our core values and helps us stand out from the sea of other, less competent and effective recruiters.

The choice to work with our team here at BAC means that you will benefit from the services of a company that knows how to build an effective team for you. There are many ways we can help you, including:

  • Staying current with the demands of the industry – Industries move quickly, and we appreciate the need therefore to stay on top of what the newest demands are. We always try to push ourselves so that we are ahead of our competition.
  • Extensive Knowledge and Experience of the Middle East Market  – We have been in business just under 40 years, so we understand the local market well.
  • Introducing the very best candidates  – You will only get the best candidates put forward for your vacancies. We know how time-consuming and a waste of money it could be to provide you with anything less than the best.
  • Save you Money and Time  – Rather than draining your resources and finances, we can provide for all your staffing needs, saving you money and time. Our process is quicker than others and you will only get the best of the best.

Find out more about BAC by contacting us directly to discuss what you need.

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